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Fibrelle Fiber-Rich Sweetener that Provides Excellent Taste Profile Coupled with the Health Benefits of Fiber Will be Launched on Oct 5, 2011

Fibrelle fiber-rich sweetener has an excellent taste profile without any aftertaste and textures just like sugar for all baking and cooking applications. Fibrelle provides a significant amount of soluble fiber, helps reduce the caloric value and glycemic load of baked goods thus making them suitable for diabetics.

Most Granulated Sweeteners May Increase Calories When Used to Replace Sugar for Baking Applications Whereas Fibrelle Fiber-Rich Sweetener Helps Shed Them

Contrary to popular belief, most granulated sweeteners may increase the caloric value of baked goods when they replace sugar. This is due to the fact that granulated sweeteners weigh much less than the equisweet amount of sugar and the missing bulk of the sugar in the final baked good has to be compensated by an increase in the flour and fat content. As fat is more energy dense than sugar, the final sugar-free baked goods may have more fat and calories compared to their full sugar counterparts. This problem is successfully addressed by Fibrelle fiber-rich sweetener for baking which is a weight by weight sugar replacer with a low caloric value.

Fibrelle Fiber-Rich Sweetener Which Provides 2 Times More Fiber Than Splenda® Essentials™ No Calorie Sweetener With Fiber Will be Sold Online as of October 10, 2011

Increasing fiber intake without compromising taste is quite easy, thanks to Fibrelle fiber-rich sweetener for baking that has an excellent taste profile, cooks and bakes just like sugar and provides 2 times more fiber per serving compared to Splenda® Essentials™ No Calorie Sweetener, 1 Gram Fiber Granulated. The new Fibrelle fiber-rich sweetener for baking will become available at the Fibrelle online store as of Monday, October 10.

Fibrelle Fiber-Rich Sweetener for Baking, the Best Tasting Low Calorie Sweetener with all the Health Benefits of Fiber is Now Available at Amazon.com

Consumers may now easily bake delicious sugar-free, reduced-calorie and high-fiber cakes, cookies, muffins or other favorite desserts thanks to Fibrelle fiber-rich sweetener for baking that provides the same taste, texture, volume, browning and chewiness like sugar in all baking and cooking applications without a need to modify recipes. Fibrelle fiber-rich sweetener for baking is now available at Amazon.com.